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We make innovative ageing software allowing people to visualise with Stripe Communications - DTM app was available for free downloads in the Drop a Drink. AprilAge Inc., the creator, developer, and distributor of the APRIL Face Aging software, announces the re-launch of online face aging tool, AgeMe. Read full. Oldify App - Make yourself OLD on iPhone and Android. Now with over 15 Million users. Thank YOU and KEEP AGING! Take a photo of your face (or upload a. Sarah Gibb, "Everything was delivered promptly and without hesitation or hassle. Open In20Years website on your computer. British Heart Foundation - Smoking Time Machine is a powerful tool to push their campaign for No Smoking Day. September 7, at 7: December 3, at 4: Great tool that helps you look into your future by look at your current health and habits, and by looking at your family history. Our ageing software has helped to drastically increase numbers of visitors to health websites and campaigns therefore communicating ideas across in an interactive and fun way. We were able to work closely with the CMF team, Auriole in particular, across some tight deadlines to create end products that were specific to our campaign, and that delivered real cut though. Oldify - The 1 Old face app! One of the funnest options is creating a personalized action figure using your face. Many of us are interested in our age , and how we might look and feel when we are older. Also helps you turn it into an avatar that you can use on your profile pages. As a key part of our PR activity, it helped deliver a strong and engaging campaign with maximum effect. The amount of visitors to their smoking website increased dramatically with the STM app:. Enter your email address After few seconds, your photo as you may appear 20 years from now should appear.

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How you look later depends a great deal on what you do today. Here are some of the great applications:. British Heart Foundation - Smoking Time Machine is a powerful tool to push their campaign for No Smoking Day. September 25, at 4: And the software is proving extremely popular with our visitors, with the exhibit in frequent use. You can even set different factors that might influence the way you age. Here are some of the great applications: Can't wait to read this.. The Perception Laboratory and the University of St Andrews accepts no responsibility for loss or damage incured while using this software. Toyota Lexus Fumeface was created for the marketing department of Toyota and Lexus Fleet Services to encourage the use of cleaner vehicles. Whether you are looking for web based software, an app for iOS or Android, or a stand alone kiosk, we can provide a solution for you. A great tool to help you figure your likely age progression. We worked with the team to tailor and brand the app to our specification, and they worked to extremely tight deadlines but delivered on time. Drinking Time Machine Client: Your Shape Picture Progress: Open In20Years website on your computer. Glasgow Science Centre - An interactive touchscreen kiosk to show users how they could look in 10 years time if they drink and smoke - but also how they could look if they aged naturally. I am so trying this when I get home!

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